Cleansing + pH Levels

Hello my lovelies, welcome to part four in my Skincare 101 series. Today we will be focusing on cleansing the skin and why pH levels are so important, so if you’re interested just keep reading! To begin with let’s talk about pH and what exactly it is. I’m not going to get all scientific on…

coffee, I love you.

You can have coffee in so many forms and enjoy it in aesthetic coffee cafes. You always feel so chic when drinking your coffee at a quaint coffee shop. I love the calamity but rush a coffee cafe has. You are offered many different coffee drinks while smelling the coffee grounds continuously being brewed. I…

why Mormons don’t drink coffee

Followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or so called Mormons are to not drink alcohol, tea, coffee, or smoke. Not allowed to have coffee or tea really struck me, so why is it? For health benefits? The caffeine in coffee? In Mormon Scripture “The Word of Wisdom” is a book…

facts about coffee

The world wide popular drink has so much history behind it. Some surprising facts about coffee

’tis the season

Christmas is wondrous and fun. Some good and creative holiday coffee drinks will add to the joy of this season